Dolsot Bibimbap

Based on a recipe we found on It's no longer there, but the same recipe is on Ishiyaki Bibimba Recipe. Have a look; it's funny! The pictures are great too. Here's a video showing how to make dolsot bibimbap.

This is a great winter dish. It's easy to make and not as spicy as most Korean food. You'll need dolsots. A dolsot is a stone bowl, although modern ones are often metal. Look for dolsots in Korean grocery stores. Dolsot bibimbap is a variant of bibimbap, a very popular Korean dish. The dolsot makes the rice crispy and chewy.

The quantity shown serves 3. If your dolsots are large, you can pack more into each dolsot and share them, but use one dolsot per person if you can.

Master Ingredient List


Carrot Namuru

Spinach Namuru

Bean Sprout Namuru

Beef Soboro




The dolsots cooking. The stone dolsot is on the back burner with a heat diffuser. The metal dolsot is on the front burner without a diffuser.

Ready to eat. We used salmon instead of beef and we sliced the carrots differently.

The metal dolsot browns the rice nicely without sticking. Anne-Lise likes it lightly browned.

Peter and I like the rice almost burnt. The stone dolsot stays hot longer, so more of the rice gets browned.

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