"Relativity VISUALIZED"

ISBN: 0-935218-05-X

206 pages


"The gold nugget of relativity books." - J. Gribbin, The New Scientist

"What an extraordinary, unique, and magical book! I wonder if Einstein saw his own theory so directly and simply." - R. Pisani, Galois-Guiton

"Relativity for right-brained thinkers, the best I have seen." - L. Sessions, Astronomy Magazine

"Epstein intrigues the beginner with his clarity and the expert with unexpected relationships ignored by others." - T. Page, Choice

"This book achieves the impossible-it not only explains relativity; it makes it entertaining." - G. Dorset, Bloomsbury Review

"I doubt if you are going to find a simpler or more friendly treatise on relativity, so have at it folks." - J. Baldwin, Co-evolution Quarterly

The Story

Why can't you travel faster than light? The reason you can't go faster than the speed of light is that you can't go slower. Everything, including you, is always moving at the speed of light. How can you be moving if you are at rest in a chair? You are moving through time.

Why are clocks moving through space perceived to run slower and slower as they travel faster and faster? Because a clock properly runs throught time, not through space. If you compel it to run through space, it is able to do so only by diverting some of the speed it should use for traveling through time. As it travels through space faster and faster, it diverts more and more speed. How much speed can it possibly divert? The clock can divert ALL its speed. Then it is going through space as fast as it possibly can, but there is nothing left for traveling through time. The clock stops ticking. It stops aging.

All this can be depicted by a diagram. (Continued on page 79)

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